Lonar Crater Tour Maharashtra

Destination Covered : Lonar Crater

Are you a fan of science fiction? Do you want to visit the spot where meteorite hit the earth around 50,000 years ago, causing changes to the environment? Well, you need to reach Buldana of Maharashtra. The crater formed by the meteorite strike is now a saline lake. This unique environment makes it a home to many interesting animals and unique backdrops. Starting from the rock formations to the wildlife species in this region, every part of it is unique. India is filled with numerous unique wildlife beauties.

Right time to visit Lonar Crater
To make it easier for travel and sightseeing, it is better to stick with winter season, which starts in November and ends in March.

How to reach Lonar Crater from Delhi?
From Delhi, you can find frequent flights to Aurangabad. The lake is around 122 km away from Aurangabad. You can hire either cab or bus to reach the lake from the airport. If you are choosing rail transportation, the nearest railway station is just 90 km away at Jalna.

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